Chef Specialties

SP 1. House Special Minced Chicken -
Marinated chicken breast sauteed with vegetables topped with pine nuts and served with lettuce
SP 2*. General Gau’s Chicken -
Crispy chunks of chicken with our special sweet sauce
SP 3*. Orange Flavor Chicken -
Crispy chunks of chicken cooked in chef’s orange sauce
SP 4. Sesame Chicken -
Crispy chunks of chicken cooked with sesame sauce
SP 5*. Da Chien Chicken -
Crispy chunks of chicken with green pepper and celery in hot & spicy sauce
SP 6*. Szechuan Crispy Chicken -
Thin sliced chicken breast light coated with our house special sauce
SP 7*. Orange Flavor Beef -
Crispy chunks of beef with chef’s orange sauce
SP 8. Seasame Beef -
Crispy chunks of beed cooked with sesame sacue
SP 9*. Szechuan Crispy Beef -
Thin slicedbeef light coated with our house special sauce
SP 10. Happy Family -
Chicken breast, tenderloin of beef, juicy fillet of veal and mixed vegetables sauted in our chef’s wonderful brown sauce
SP 11*. Hunan Special Half & Half -
Half dish of shredded beef in Pekin sauce and half dish of shredded chicken in garlic sauce
SP 12. Chou Yu Kew -
Fish fillet with selected garden vegetables in white sauce
SP 13*. Fish Fillet with Garlic Sauce 17.95
SP 14. Fish Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce -
Fish fillet with green pepper and onion in black pepper sauce
SP 15*. Fish Fillet with Chili Sauce 17.95
SP 16*. Crispy Fish Fillet -
Deep fried crispy fish fillet on a bed of lettuce
SP 17. Steamed Whole Fish -
Steamed whole sea bass with scallion and ginger in our own light sauce
SP 18*. Hunan Whole Fish -
Deep fish whole sea bass with house special spicy sauce
SP 19. Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce 17.95
SP 20. Fish Fillet with Tofu 17.95
SP 21. Fish Fillet with Vegetables on Casserole 17.95
SP 22. Fish Fillet with Tomato 17.95
SP 23. Chinese Style Whole Fish 26.00
Hot & Spicy